I love waxing. And I understand, as a customer, you want a therapist who is knowledgeable and efficient but also cares enough to make sure every single hair is out. I won’t let you leave until we’re both happy it’s all gone. That’s what you pay me for.

I started LolaBare because I was tired of too many disappointing waxes at salons with poor hygiene habits, slapdash techniques and no client aftercare, so I stopped wasting my time and refreshed my skills to focus specifically on intimate waxing. Having originally trained in body waxing with Kim Lawless, I’m proud to say I learnt my Brazilian, Hollywood and Bikini technique with her too. Kim is praised as a world-class waxer with a copyright on the method she has perfected over the years. It’s the most effective and thorough Brazilian waxes around. I trained directly under her watchful eye and I haven’t looked back since; and clients can tell the difference.

I’m a ceaseless perfectionist and my aim is to give you a perfect, comfortable wax every visit. My treatment room is your few moments of peace and quiet in a friendly and inviting space, and I promise, you’ll leave realising it really didn’t hurt as much as you thought it would.

Meera x

Founder of LolaBare (and a little bit wax obsessed).