Welcome to LolaBare, for all your body waxing needs. We specialise in female intimate waxing treatments using peelable hot wax:


Everything off. Inside and out, front and back, above and under.


Except for a narrow strip, everything off. Inside and out, front and back, above and under.

High Bikini

Front off to the high bikini line.

When it’s time to strip, women know, having an intimate wax (whatever your style) can make you feel your most liberated, confident and sexy, but often the thought of going through any pain and embarrassment is just too daunting.

New clients frequently recount their intimate wax horror stories...unbearable ripping, skin burns, dirty equipment, re-used spatulas and bits of hair and wax left behind. And with nearly three quarters of women in the UK saying they choose to remove some or all of their pubic hair, why is a good wax so hard to find?

Tired of experiencing one too many bad Brazilian waxes, LolaBare was created with the simple aim to give clients thorough, comfortable and clean intimate waxes every time. Many salons won’t remove hair from the inner labia, inner buttocks or underside unless you specifically ask, and to us, that’s not a true Brazilian. Brazilian/Hollywood waxing at LolaBare takes everything off using only peelable hot wax because it's gentler on the skin and far less painful to remove. We create a fuss-free, relaxing environment that puts any nervous waxer at ease.

  • review rating 5  Professional, reassuring, effective and curiously addictive! Having my nostrils and ears waxed is now a regular fixture for me!!

    thumb Ravi Jain

    review rating 5  Meera is a lovely lady who makes you feel so at ease, whatever the treatment! She explains everything thoroughly and carefully and clearly cares about her customers being happy. There was an aftercare pack and she leaves the communication lines open and encourages you to contact her with any queries. Great service and I will be going back!!

    thumb Sue Adams

    review rating 5  Best place for a wax I have found. Tried others when I can't get an appointment but always come back here as she is so good, and it doesn't hurt as much as other waxes too!

    thumb Roma L
  • review rating 5  Fantastic treatment! I am completely new to the world of waxing and Meera made me feel at ease throughout the treatment. Thank you....I will be back soon! x

    thumb Natalie Cunningham

    review rating 5  Quick and pain free! Great service from a wonderful lady, I would highly recommend.

    thumb Manpreet Ryatt

    review rating 5  The best wax I have ever had, with the best service!! Thank you Meera for being so lovely and patient with me on my first time with you. It is the gentlest experience I have ever had with the best results. I will definitely be back. Thank you so much and I'm so glad to have found you .

    thumb jacqueline denham